CCH Axcess Tax – Fixing UltraTax Slow Performance

CCH Axcess Tax - Fixing UltraTax Slow Performance

If you’re experiencing slow performance when using UltraTax CS, you can make some changes to improve performance. If you’re on a network, you can open UltraTax CS on each workstation and navigate to Setup, User Preferences, Misc. Then, you can configure the program to access the local drive instead of the network drive. Once the program is configured, you’ll be prompted to select a drive and then close the program. You can then reconfigure this setting on each user’s workstation.

CCH Axcess Tax slow performance

If your CCH Axcess Tax application is performing slowly, it may be because of a few factors. First, your network speed should be sufficient. During Tax Preparation, the program sends nearly a gigabyte of data through your system. If your network is not adequate, it may be a good idea to consult your IT service provider. Second, you should check whether background applications are interfering with the program’s performance.

CCH Axcess Tax is an industry-leading cloud tax software solution. Its flexible package options include professional training and support. Additionally, it offers excellent project management capabilities and automatic alerts. CCH Axcess Tax also integrates with CCH IntelliConnect, a cloud-based tax research platform that includes tax news, tax calculators, and business planning resources. It also offers excellent project management capabilities and is available for mobile devices.

CCH Axcess Tax is an easy-to-use system that comes with a robust paperless workflow. Its CCH ProSystem fx Scan feature sorts through piles of papers, labels them, and scans them into a bookmarked or organized PDF file. It also features AutoFlow Technology, which extracts data from the bookmarked files and automatically imports it into client tax returns.

Users of both CCH Axcess Tax and Drake Tax say they would recommend the software to new tax practitioners. However, they would not recommend CCH Axcess Tax to those who are experienced with tax software. Although both programs scored lower than other tax software, users say they like the price and ease of use.

The size of firms utilizing these tax preparation products varied. Large firms tended to be more likely to use CCH Axcess Tax than small firms. Drake Tax and CCH Axcess Tax are also popular among smaller firms. The users of these products are spread across all types of firms, but the majority of users are firms with at least 50% of their staff in tax practice.

Virus scanning software

The main problem with UltraTax is that it is painfully slow. It takes forever to open and frequently crashes, resulting in loss of data. It also frequently requires you to re-run the desktop setup. Its issues have been around for several years, but they seem to get worse each time it is updated.

Client side caching

UltraTax CS has been experiencing some slow performance issues recently. Its performance was often not up to par and users experienced random program crashes. In one particular instance, UltraTax CS crashed without a known cause. Additionally, its logs did not offer any real insight into the cause. To fix this issue, UltraTax CS has added new features. Among these is the addition of an E-signature feature for 1040X returns.

UltraTax CS is a 32-bit application. As a result, it does not interact with other programs. This means that it runs slowly, especially when it is loaded locally. However, this doesn’t mean that this software is completely useless. The main reason it runs slowly is the limited amount of memory it has. In addition, it will slow down significantly if many other programs are running simultaneously. Some features of UltraTax are also outdated or only work on older 32-bit operating systems.

UltraTax CS is part of the CS Professional Suite of applications. It is designed for larger firms and provides e-filing capability for up to 250 returns. The software is available as a standalone application, as well as on the Virtual Office CS platform. Additionally, it is delivered as a SaaS solution.

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