Intuit Knowledgebase

Intuit Knowledgebase


Intuit knowledgebase is an online knowledge base designed to provide solutions to customer questions. Its features include: FAQs, product comparisons, and a search bar for quick answers. It can save you hundreds of hours per customer. The FAQs are updated regularly and the latest content is always readily available. Intuit provides sample files and import tools to make it easier for you to import data from other programs.

2,000 hours of customer time saved by intuit knowledgebase

Intuit’s knowledgebase is a resource that customers can use to get the answers they need quickly and efficiently. The company holds regular content hackathons to evaluate the question backlog, expand content to help customers, and answer specific cases. The newly expanded content is then fed into the QB Assistant and Quincy bot to assist agents and customers. The result is a constantly-expanding library of data-driven knowledge that helps customers get back to business. And the company estimates that it has saved its customers at least 2,000 hours of customer time.

Limitations of intuit knowledgebase

As an accounting software company, Intuit has a strong customer focus. This is apparent in the company’s first product, Quicken, which was famous for its ease of use. It was designed without advertising or large sales budgets. The company’s subsequent offerings emphasized precision and speed, as well as simplicity and computerization. Prior to Quicken, very few people used personal financial software.

Intuit benefits from a robust ecosystem of third-party developers that helps it reach new customers. The company’s ecosystem allows it to cross-sell services to existing and potential customers, which increases revenue per user. For example, users of QuickBooks Self-Employed can also use TurboTax to file taxes.

Despite this competitive advantage, the company isn’t immune to disruption. The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the accounting software industry. However, the company has a culture of innovation and the ability to self-disrupt. The company’s recent acquisition of Sage, a small-business software company, has given it a major competitive edge.

Intuit has also been accused of faking its free tax-preparation service. It is also subject to regulatory inquiries and lawsuits. A government audit recently revealed that over 14 million Americans paid for tax preparation services when they could have received them for free. The company is alleged to have made billions of dollars more from this practice alone.

The company has a large addressable market. Its current market is much larger than its competitors. It also sells a range of financial products. The acquisition will enable Intuit to tap into the fast-growing Millennial market and use their existing financial data to sell products. Intuit’s current share of this market will almost double.

Impact of intuit knowledgebase on Quincy bot

A knowledgebase helps agents by surfacing relevant articles that can answer customer questions. It can also connect agents to experts at the next level. Since it was first integrated with Slack, Quincy has been able to resolve 60% of customer questions within four hours, saving customers more than 2,000 hours a year. The company has also seen an increase in the confidence of agents and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction.

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