The “Surprised Pikachu” Meme

The "Surprised Pikachu" Meme


The “Surprised Pikachu” meme is an image of the Pokemon character Pikachu with its mouth wide open. It usually has a caption mocking the apparent outcome. It has been one of the most popular memes in the past several years. Whether you are playing Pokemon online or watching it on TV, you’ve probably seen this image at least once.


The Surprised Pikachu Meme has gone viral. The movie trailer for Detective Pikachu came out on November 12th, and the meme started growing more than a week before. However, the spike in viewers came on November 10th. It is difficult to say what contributed to the spike in the popularity of the Surprised Pikachu Meme. Nonetheless, Morinan believes it is “remarkable coincidence.”

This meme started out as a mocking Pikachu meme on Tumblr, but quickly spread to other social media sites. By early 2019, it had become the most shared image on a number of subReddits and the iFunny app. It is still very popular, and it’s likely to stay on top for a while.

Angela, the creator of the Surprised Pikachu meme, noticed that the Pikachu character looked off-model in many scenes. She then began taking screenshots of the off-model Pikachu scenes and compiled them on Tumblr. As the meme gained popularity, more people started putting their own images up on Tumblr.

While the original post on the Game of Thrones subreddit gained 20,000 points, the Surprised Pikachu meme has spread to other sites as well. In fact, a post of the same meme on reddit’s /r/Freefolk subreddit achieved nearly 42,000 points. On Facebook, the meme was shared by several users and received over 3,000 reactions and shares.

Screen capture

The image of a shocked Pikachu has become a popular meme. Originally, a woman named Angela took the screenshot and posted it online. But for some reason, the image was not widely shared until this fall. She wondered whether it was just a marketing ploy to create a viral meme. But the screenshot’s popularity spiked just in time for the live-action Pokemon film, “Detective Pikachu,” which Warner Bros. released in November 2018.

This image, from an episode of the anime Pokemon, features a Pikachu with its mouth agape. Often used as a reaction image, it’s perfect for those who love the unpredictable and absurd. You can use it to caption a bad acting moment, and use it to illustrate the unexpected outcome of an event.

The original screenshot has gained widespread virality, with the original post in Game of Thrones subreddit receiving over 20,000 points. The post was later adapted to the ‘Surprised Pikachu’ meme on Reddit and Twitter. It was also posted to Facebook, where it received over 4,000 shares and 3,000 reactions.

The original meme was unintentional, but it’s already become an Internet sensation. The story began circulating one week before the first trailer of “Detective Pikachu” was released. The popularity of the shocked Pikachu meme is a testament to the viral nature of memes, and shows that it’s possible for any picture or post to become a meme.

In the Meme of the Decade poll last year, Surprised Pikachu ranked 16 out of 50, proving that it was one of the most popular memes of the last decade. Nonetheless, the meme’s virality was not without controversy. In addition to a viral nature, the Surprised Pikachu meme has become a valuable marketing tool.

Marketing campaign

The marketing campaign for the new movie “Surprised Pikachu” was born out of an image that had become a viral meme the week before the movie’s release. This image showed Pikachu’s “shocked” face. The image was created by Angela, a fan who had rewatched the original “Pokemon” anime series. Angela had taken screen grabs of off-model Pikachu in many scenes and compiled them on her Tumblr. She then added a photo of Surprised Pikachu to the compilation.

The surprise Pikachu meme made many people fall in love with the lovable Pokemon character again. Memes are becoming a huge phenomenon and can be created from anything from a post or picture. The meme was originally unintentional but has now taken the internet by storm. It has led to speculation that a clever marketing campaign behind the movie is underway.

The movie’s marketing campaign included a number of innovative strategies. For example, Burger King put six characters in a Kids Meal, while 7-Eleven created a movie-themed coffee drink and featured its cover photo. In addition, Google released a POKEMON Detective Pikachu Playmoji pack that allows users to insert the movie’s characters into the real world. Some brands jumped on the bandwagon, too, releasing smartphone cases with movie-themed illustrations. Meanwhile, Pillsbury put cut-and-bake cookies on store shelves with movie-branded packaging.

Meme-based marketing is high risk, but the rewards are substantial. For example, Detective Pikachu’s marketing team had a budget of $100,000. They spent that amount on Facebook ads that cost $10 per thousand views. The campaign generated about a million views, which would translate into over $1 million in free publicity. However, despite its success, the marketing campaign was unable to prove Morinan’s stealth marketing claims.

Social media reach

The surprise face of Pikachu has gained massive social media reach. This meme first surfaced on Tumblr and spread to other websites. It also made its way onto the popular reddit topic /r/MemeEconomy on September 30, receiving more than 880 points. It then appeared on a Facebook meme page on October 2, receiving over 4,000 shares and reactions. While it was initially regarded as a simple, harmless meme, some have speculated that the blurred face of Pikachu is a sneaky marketing strategy.

It’s important to remember that a meme can only be successful for a short period of time. That’s why it’s important to carefully select your audience. While a funny picture may be viral for a brief period of time, people like content that tells them a story, not just a meme. Pikachu has been a popular character on the internet since Ryan Reynolds first voiced him in the anime series.

One of the biggest memes of the last few years has been the surprise face of Pikachu. The image is based on a screenshot of the original ’90s Pokemon anime series. In it, Pikachu looks completely shocked, as if it’s been shocked. This image has become a social media phenomenon that has spread across the world.

The Surprised Pikachu meme reached its highest popularity during the first half of November 2018. It became a worldwide sensation during the same week that Warner Bros. promoted the live-action film “Detective Pikachu.”

Cost of advertising

The cost of advertising for Surprised Pikachu is not cheap. It costs around $10 per thousand views on Facebook, but that’s a small investment for a massive amount of publicity. In total, the marketing team spent about $100,000 to promote the new movie, which would be enough to fund a small marketing team for two months.

The surprise Pikachu meme has gained immense popularity since its original appearance on the ’90s anime series “Pokemon.” Since its creation, the character has become popular and the subject of various internet memes. One of these is the “Surprised Pikachu” meme, which was inspired by a screengrab from the original “Pokemon” anime series.

The idea for Surprised Pikachu originated when Angela was rewatching the original “Pokemon” anime. She noticed that the Pikachu character in most scenes looked off model. So, she screen grabbed many off-model images and compiled them on her Tumblr page. She then posted her new Surprised Pikachu image on the site.

The meme exploded in popularity during the first half of November, when the first trailer for the film was released. That was exactly the timing that helped Surprised Pikachu reach its peak in popularity. Warner Bros. was promoting the film heavily at the time, which may have had a lot to do with its rapid rise in popularity.

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